LA Gets It

And So Do We

Our clients in the greater Los Angeles area understand that 3D Laser Scanning and quality CAD or Revit as-builts are far from a trend.  These solutions are an indispensable tool to lower total project cost by dramatically limiting the unforeseen.  Construction field coordination must be considered a way of the past and can no longer be standard operating procedure.  We have performed nearly every type and scale of a project in Los Angeles and consider it home.

Solutions that Game Change

For laser scanning in Los Angeles, get us through the door early to talk about game changing solutions to reduce risk and improve project delivery metrics across the board.  Some of the advanced solutions we deliver include:

  • Revit or CAD As-Built Documentation – Architectural, Structural, and MEP
    • From Basic to Advanced every stone, tile, and squared inch of concrete and steel
  • Conceptual & Schematic As-Built Documentation Packages
  • Pre & Post Demo Documentation Packages
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Drone Based Aerial Solutions
  • VR Ready Models
  • Clash Detection & Coordination
  • Pre-fabrication Surveys

We are experienced in a number of sectors:

Retail   |   Industrial   |   Institutional   |   Hospitality   |   Office   |   Residential

Laser Scanning Services and As-Built Documentation Industries

How We Do It

We will work with you to understand your project requirements and provide a custom fit laser scanning and as-built documentation solution.  Once we are green lighted, the most experienced technicians in the business are mobilized and execute the field work as expeditiously as possible. 

We deploy the latest in Reality Capture solutions, primarily through 3D laser scanning, to capture environments from a single room to buildings that encompass entire city blocks, all with immense accuracy and detail.  Through our understanding of where you are trying to go, we work with you to determine what level of detail and accuracy you require from the onset.

The result of 3D scanning is a single consolidated set of points called a Point Cloud.  This point cloud typically contains far more data and information than is needed and can be tough for designers and engineer to interpret on their own.  This is where the Spatial Acuity difference lies.  We take it one step further and convert it into highly usable and purpose built CAD or Revit as-built documentation. 

Results in Action

Let our work speak for itself. Here are some projects we provided laser scanning and as-built documentation services in Los Angeles for:

3D Laser Scanning and Revit As-Built for a Hotel in California
3D Laser Scanning and Revit As-Built for a Historic Building in California
3D Laser Scanning and Revit As-Built for a Historic Hotel in California
3D Laser Scanning and Revit As-Built for California Residence